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Community for Michael's new show [18 Apr 2011|07:46pm]

breakingintv is a community for Fox's hilarious new work place comedy Breaking In starring Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Odette Annable and Michael Rosenbaum. It's still really new but come check it out and feel free to start posting!

Join // Watch

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Message for All of Michael's True Fans: Time to Strike Back [24 Mar 2010|04:19pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Michael's been receiving a lot of hate tweets ever since he ratified he won't be coming back to SV last Monday.

These people are definitely no real fans of his because they seem to simply want him to sink with the rest of the crew that have stayed behind.

Michael DOES need to know there are lots of people out there who are happy he is moving on and that his efforts to work on other projects are starting to pay off.

So how about showing the guy some love for taking one of the wisest decisions of his career- staying away from Smallville and helping us preserve the beautiful memories he left us?

Go to his Twitter and show him you really care:

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Join RosenbaumMedia's new Coffee Time! [08 Mar 2009|10:32pm]

Hello, everyone! herohunter here, inviting you all to join hamlat 's RosenbaumMedia's Coffee Time, the brand new Michael Rosenbaum Fan Forum, administered by me!

To join and check it out, please click HERE!

If you'd like to know the Coffee Time Rosenrules, they can be found HERE!

Coffee Time is a place for Michael fans to gather, meet and have a positive experience as a Michael Rosenbaum fan!

So come join us!

Hope to see you there!


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